Акторы и Геометрия

A definition of Actors and how they are used in level design, including placement and manipulation techniques.


An Actor is any object that can be placed into a level. Actors are a generic Class that support 3D transformations such as translation, rotation, and scale. Actors can be created (spawned) and destroyed through gameplay code (C++ or Blueprints). In C++, AActor is the base class of all Actors.

There are several different types of Actors, some examples include: StaticMeshActor, CameraActor, and PlayerStartActor.

No matter the type of Actor you are using in your level - be it a light, a Static Mesh, a Particle System Emitter Actor, or anything else - you will need to know a few basics on how to create and manipulate them in your scenes.

This involves a few integral tasks: placing Actors, selecting Actors, positioning Actors, and modifying Actors. In other words, to create a level, Actors will be placed into a map, moved around to create an environment, and their properties will be modified to cause them to look or behave appropriately.

Working with Actors


Placing Actors

Shows how you can place Actors such as props, lights, cameras, etc. in your levels.


Selecting Actors

Overview of methods available for selecting Actors in the Level Editor viewports.


Transforming Actors

Modifying the location, rotation, and scale of Actors placed in levels.


Actor Mobility

Setting that controls whether an Actor will be allowed to move or change in some way during gameplay.


Grouping Actors

Guide to creating and working with groups of actors within Unreal Editor.


Actor Merging

An overview of the Actor Merge tool that is used to combine multiple Static Meshes into a single mesh inside UE4.

Actor Types


Common Actor Types

Listing and descriptions of common types of Actors used in levels.


Geometry Brush Actors

Guide to using Brushes to create level geometry in Unreal Editor.


Static Mesh Actors

Guide to placing and working with StaticMeshActors for creating world geometry in your environments.


Skeletal Mesh Actors

Creating and using Skeletal Mesh Actors


Camera Actors

Guide to placing and using Camera Actors within the Editor.


Player Start

Guide to using Player Starts.


Decal Actor User Guide

A guide to using the Deferred Decal actor.


Trigger Actors

Actor that can be activated and cause events to occur in the level.


Volumes Reference

Guide to placing and working with Volumes to augment the behavior and setup of your levels.


Target Point Actors

Guide to creating and using Target Actors.

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