Artificial Intelligence

Describes the systems available within Unreal Engine 4 that can be used to create believable AI entities in your projects.

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Creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) for characters or other entities in your projects in Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) is accomplished through multiple systems working together. From a Behavior Tree that is branching between different decisions or actions, running a query to get information about the environment through the Environment Query System (EQS), to using the AI Perception system to retrieve sensory information such as sight, sound, or damage information; all of these systems play a key role in creating believable AI in your projects. Additionally, all of these tools can be debugged with the AI Debugging tools, giving you insight into what the AI is thinking or doing at any given moment. 

When crafting AI in UE4 and using each of these systems, a good way to think about building your AI is that the decision making process is handled by Behavior Trees, stimuli from the environment (such as sensory information) is sent to Behavior Trees from the AI Perception system, and queries about the environment itself are handled through EQS. For more information on each of these systems, refer to the sections below. 


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