Unreal Studio 4.19 Release Notes

Release notes for the Unreal Studio offering for Unreal Engine 4.19


Unreal Datasmith

Important details:

  1. Because of important format changes, .udatasmith files exported with previous versions (0.17 and before) will no longer import correctly in Unreal.*

  2. The 3ds Max exporter plugin is distributed and must be installed separately.  Consult the installation guide for details

What is new for Datasmith


Photometric Lighting

Unreal 4.19 supports lighting units and asymmetric IES profiles. Datasmith should now transport this information from 3ds Max correctly.

Now, with similar lighting conditions (Photometric Lights or Vray IES lights and Physical Camera + Exposure), results in 3ds max and Unreal should be very similar.

New Project Template

The new Product Viewer template is available for Unreal Studio projects, which enables users to see models in VR, AR, or on a PC screen and perform basic viewing interactions. For additional information view the Template Usage Guide.

Exporter Improvements

The 3Ds Max exporter has greatly improved performance with faster scene parsing, and visual feedback with a progress bar during the export.

Other fixes (Datasmith for Autodesk 3ds Max)

  • Crash on export due to Sky light

  • Objects misplaced when non uniform xform and custom pivot

  • Exporter plugin fails to install on clean machine

  • 3Ds Max becomes not responsive on export

  • Pendant lights coming from 3DsMax are flipped in UE using Datasmith

  • Color Correction Results Incorrect

  • Really High HDR images are now resized correctly by exporter

  • Environment Map in Vray Skydome not collected by exporter

  • Unreal Editor Crashes On Import At Compiling Shaders

  • Diffuse UV coordinates channel ID for maps import incorrectly in Unreal

  • Meshes are removed from the StaticMeshComponent of the Mesh Actors

  • Exporting from Max hangs

  • Incorrect IES files brightness

  • Crash on IGES file import

  • Incorrect Export of Pivot Positions

  • Cannot delete folders created by DS imports

  • Wrong path used when importing Datasmith file from UI menu

  • Datasmith doesn't import in the selected folder

  • The sky isn't under the root actor when import through Datasmith

  • Opening a Material Crashes the Editor

  • Packaging won't work If Datasmith is enabled

  • Packaged projects crashes with Datasmith lights

  • Can't undo transforms done on hierarchies created by DS

  • Crash when right-clicking mesh in Content Browser after disabling Datasmith plugins

  • Editor crashes opening an Unreal Datasmith Project with Unreal Studio plugin installed

Other fixes (Datasmith CAD Importer)

  • CAD importer crash using file with zero polygons objects

  • Color not imported from 3dm files

  • Rhino Material issues with transparency, textures, emission and ambient color

  • Cannot open some SolidWorks 2017 assembly files

  • Inverted faces after CAD import

  • Degenerate faces after CAD import

  • Cannot delete material from content browser after CAD import

  • Cleanup memory leaks on CAD import

  • Duplicate material instances for colors after assembly import

  • Wrong tessellation after import

  • Cannot open large SLDASM assembly file

  • Rhino material issues with basic textures and advanced settings

Other fixes (Datasmith Importer with CityEngine)

  • CityEngine crash - Array index out of bounds: -1 from an array of size 1 | UE4Editor_Core!FString::~FString()

  • Importing a Datasmith CityEngine scene with 0.17 crashes UE

Other fixes (Unreal Studio)

  • Can’t add new c++ class to an unreal studio project

  • Controllers not connected with VR preview

Other fixes (Scripting and Python For Unreal)

  • Cannot get project content directory in Python

  • Crash in unreal.EditorAssetLibrary.make_directory python method

  • Object not removed from datasmith scene after remove_mesh_actor

Updates to Datasmith v0.18 for Unreal Engine 4.19

Version 0.182 - May 2, 2018


  • Fixed an editor crash that could occur when deleting materials imported with Datasmith.

Version 0.181 - April 19, 2018


  • Avoid slow import and missing parts of JT files by temporally disabling metadata extraction.

  • Improve memory usage when importing SolidWorks models.

  • Product Viewer template use default plugins set to avoid full project compilation.

Version 0.18 (4) - March 14, 2018


  • Datasmith version for the official UE 4.19.0 launch. No additional changes.

Version 0.18 (3) - March 05, 2018


  • Fixed the recent issue with being unable to import CAD files

  • Fixed being unable to get the project content directory in Python

  • Fixed some Rhino issues with textures and advanced settings

  • Fixed objects being displaced when using a non-uniform xform and custom pivot (3ds Max)

  • Fixed being unable to add a new C++ class to a Studio project

  • Fixed Controllers not being connected with VR preview

Version 0.18 (2) February 21, 2018


  • The new Product Viewer template is now available when you create a new Studio project. The template grants the ability to use Unreal as a design review tool,
    allowing you to see models in VR, AR, or on a PC screen and perform basic viewing interactions.

Version 0.18 (1) - February 7, 2018


  • The 3Ds Max exporter has greatly improved performance with faster scene parsing, and visual feedback with a progress bar during the export.


  • Fixed 3Ds Max becoming non responsive on export

  • Fxied Pendant lights coming from 3DsMax are flipped in UE using Datasmith

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