APEX Types

The NVIDIA APEX Physics Lab APX and APB files.


NVIDIA PhysX APEX has two file types that Unreal Editor 4 can import, .APX and .APB. Both cloth and destructible meshes can be exported as these file types, but only destructible meshes can be import via the Content Browser. Cloth assets will need to be imported via Persona.


See the APEX Physics Lab documentation on creating and exporting of APEX assets.


Destructible Assets

In the Content Browser:

  1. Click the New Asset button.

  2. Select the .APX or .APB file(s) you wish to import.


  1. Select your .APX or .APB file(s) file in a Windows File Explorer window.

  2. Click and drag them into the Content Browser in Unreal Editor 4.

Cloth Assets

  1. Click the New Asset button.

  2. Select your Skeletal Mesh that uses the cloth asset.

  3. Double-click the Skeletal Mesh in the Content Browser to open it.

  4. In the Mesh Details panel under the Clothing tab click the New Asset button.

  5. Select the .APX or .APB file(s) you wish to import.

  6. Use the New Asset drop down below each Material Element to select the corresponding cloth asset to assign to the material.

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