Mesh Paint User Guide

Mesh Paint is a tool for interactively painting vertex colors on Meshes in the Editor Viewport.


Mesh Paint mode provides a quick way to adjust color and texture on your Mesh's Materials. The following topics cover all of the critical skills needed to effectively use this tool.

Starting Out


Advanced Topics

When using any Editor tool, you should think about how you want the tool to affect your Meshes. The following topics cover how Mesh Paint handles painting on individual instances of Meshes placed in your level, as well as how to paint Blend Weight values for multi-texture setups.

Setting up Materials

The Mesh Paint system requires the Mesh's Material to contain a Vertex Color node, as this is how the vertex color data is passed from the Mesh to the Material. The following topics cover ways to set up a Material so that it can be used with Mesh Paint mode.

Select Skin

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