1.4 - Compiling the Project

Learn how to compile your first C++ class.


Now is a good time to compile our project so that we can see our code changes reflected in-game.

  1. Going back to the editor, click the Compile button to compile your code.


    Since you started developing your project as a C++ project, you're able to compile your CPP code directly from the Unreal Editor.

  2. Go ahead and click the Play button to enter Play in Editor (PIE) mode.


    You might be wondering why your log message isn't being displayed on screen when you're in PIE mode. The reason you're not seeing your log message is because the Editor is still using the default Game Mode at this stage in development.

  3. Press the Escape key or click the Stop button in the Level Editor to exit PIE mode.

Extending your CPP Game Mode Class to Blueprints

Now is a good time to extend the CPP Game Mode class to Blueprints. Please feel free to go to our C++ and Blueprints reference page to learn more about extending C++ classes to Blueprints.

  1. First, create a Blueprints folder inside of the Content folder.


  2. Now, right-click the FPSProjectGameMode class to open the C++ Class Actions menu.


  3. Click Create Blueprint class based on FPSProjectGameMode to open the Add Blueprint Class dialog menu.


  4. Name your new Blueprint Class "BP_FPSProjectGameMode" and choose the Blueprints folder before clicking the Create Blueprint Class button.


  5. By now, you should have a newly created BP_FPSProjectGameMode Blueprint Class located inside of the Blueprints folder.


  6. Make sure to save your BP_FPSProjectGameMode Blueprint before closing the Blueprint Editor.

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