Viewport Show Flags

Descriptions of all of the available Show Flags for the viewports.



The Show Flags are found under the Viewport Show menu. They are a means by which you can show and hide many of the items that are viewed within the viewport. For example, you can hide all particles, all landscape objects, or something a bit more advanced like turning off all of the sprite icons.






Shows/hides the effect of anti-aliasing.


Shows/hides any Brushes in the level. (Alt + Q)


Shows/hides collision objects in the level. (Alt + C)


Shows/hides decals in the scene.


Shows/hides the effects of Height Fog. (Alt + F)


Shows/hides the grid.


Shows/hides any Landscape objects. (T)


Shows/hides any Nav Meshes or other navigation Actors. (P)

Particles Sprite

Shows/hides any particles in the scene.

Skeletal Meshes

Shows/hides any Skeletal Meshes in the scene.

Static Meshes

Shows/hides any Static Meshes in the scene. (Alt + W)


Shows/hides all objects with translucent Materials. Incidentally, this includes all billboard icons.

Post Processing

Post Processing




Shows/hides the effect bloom.

Camera Imperfections

Shows/hides the effect of Camera Imperfections.

Color Grading

Shows/hides the effect of Color Grading.

Depth of Field

Shows/hides the effect of Depth of Field.

Eye Adaptation

Shows/hides the effect of Eye Adaptation.


Shows/hides the effects of Grain.

HMD Distortion

Shows/hides the effects of head-mounted display distortion, such as that used for Oculus Rift.

Lens Flares

Shows/hides the effect of Lens Flares.

Motion Blur

Shows/hides the effect of Motion Blur.

Post Process Material

Shows/hides the effect of any blendable post process Materials in the scene.

Scene Color Fringe

Shows/hides the result of any Scene Color Fringe effects.

Screen Percentage

Shows/hides the result of Screen Percentage post effects.


Shows/hides Tonemapper effects.


Shows/hides Vignette effects.

Light Types

Lighting Types



Directional Lights

Shows/hides the result of lighting from the Directional Light actor in the scene.

Point Lights

Shows/hides the result of lighting from the Point Light actor in the scene.

Sky Lighting

Shows/hides the result of lighting from the Sky Light actor in the scene.

Spot Lights

Shows/hides the result of lighting from the Spot Light actor in the scene.

Lighting Components

Lighting Components



Ambient Occlusion

Shows/hides ambient occlusion in the scene.


Shows/hides the result of diffuse lighting in the scene, which contains most of the scene color.

Direct Lighting

Shows/hides the result of direct lighting, which contains most of the scene specularity.

Dynamic Shadows

Shows/hides dynamic shadows in the scene.

Global Illumination

Shows/hides the result of global illumination in the scene.


Shows/Hides the result of specularity in the scene.

Lighting Features

Lighting Components



Ambient Cubemap

Shows/hides the result of the ambient cubemap.

Distance Field Ambient Occlusion

Shows/hides the result of the AO generated from Distance Field meshes.

Distance Field Global Illumination

Shows/hides the result of the GI generated from Distance Field meshes.

Indirect Lighting Cache

Shows/hides the result of indirect lighting on dynamic objects.

Light Functions

Shows/hides the result of light function materials on lights.

Light Shafts

Shows/hides the result of light shafts.

Reflection Environment

Shows/hides the result of the reflection environment.

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

Shows/hides the result of any screen space ambient occlusion.

Screen Space Reflections

Shows/hides the result of screen space reflections.

Subsurface Scattering

Shows/hides the result of any subsurface scattering within the screen space.

Textured Light Profiles (IES Textures)

Shows/hides the result of IES lighting profiles.





AI Debug

This shows the paths an AI-driven pawn is using to navigate along a Nav Mesh.

Composite Editor Primitives

Show/hide editor primitives in the scene.

Gameplay Debug

This shows the paths an AI-driven pawn is using to navigate along a Nav Mesh.

GBuffer Hints (material attributes)

Colorizes objects that have improper Materials. Yellow for objects that are impossibly non-reflective, red for objects that emit more light than they receive.

Hit Proxies

Shows/hides the proxy shapes used by hit detection.

Log Visualizer

Draws any data to the screen that is required by the Log Visualizer system.

On Screen Debug

This is to hide things like VisualizeTexture or stats printout.


Shows/hides the results of refraction on Materials.

Shadows of Editor-Hidden Actors

Shows dynamic shadows for objects that are hidden in the editor, such as those hidden by pressing the H key.

Test Image

Shows a test image for configuration of monitor and graphics settings.

Vector Fields

Shows/hides any vector fields in the scene.





Adaptive Depth of Field

Applies a color coding filter to the view such that objects that are blurred by Depth of Field are tinted green and only the area in focus receives its normal color.


Shows a visualization window that expresses the scene histogram, as well as how settings are affecting bloom.

Depth of Field Layers

Applies a color coding filter to the view such that objects blurred by near DOF are green, objects blurred by far DOF are blue. Objects in focus appear black.

Distance Field Ambient Occlusion

Shows a visualization of ambient occlusion generated based on mesh distance fields.

Distance Field Global Illumination

Shows a visualization of global illumination generated based on mesh distance fields.


Shows a visualization window that expresses the scene histogram, as well as how exposure settings are affecting brightness.

Light Propagation Volumes

Shows a visualization of the volume that is used for light propagation volumes.

Mesh Distance Fields

Shows a visualization of the generated mesh distance fields for static meshes in the scene.

Motion Blur

When Motion Blur is on, this changes the view to a Motion Blur visualizer, allowing you to see the motion vectors being used to calculate blur.

Out of Bounds Pixels

If a pixel of an object exists outside that object's bounding volume, it can lead to flickering or the object disapearing when the bounding volume (but not the mesh) is off camera. This visualizer colorizes those pixels in blue, yellow, and white.

Precomputed Visibility Cells

Shows a visualization of precomputed visibility cells when used with Precomputed Visibility Volumes.

Preview Shadows Indicator

When lighting has not been built for Static/Stationary lights the "Preview" text will show in unbuilt shadows.

Screen Space Reflections

A visualization for Screen Space Reflections.

Subsurface Scattering (Screen Space)

A visualization mode that allows you to see subsurface scattering within screen space.

Volume Lighting Samples

Shows a visualization of the volume lighting samples that are placed within a Lightmass Importance Volume when static lighting is built.





Atmospheric Fog

Shows/hides atmospheric fog Actors in the scene.

Audio Radius

Shows/hides the radius of any audio Actors in the scene.

Billboard Sprites

Shows/hides any billboard sprites in the level. This does not extend to sprite particles, only Billboard Components.


Shows/hides bounds on selected objects.

BSP Split

Shows/hides Brush surface splits on world geometry.

Camera Aspect Ratio Bars

Shows/hides the bars used with specific aspect ratios set in the camera actor.

Camera Frustums

Shows/hides view frustums of any cameras in the scene.

Camera Safe Frames

When looking through a Camera Actor, this shows the safe frames for that camera. Safe frames are areas a set distance from the edge of the screen where you can guarantee the image will be visible.


Shows/hides rigid body constraints. TODO

Deferred Lighting

Shows/hides the deferred lighting in the scene.


Shows/hides any Foliage Actors in the scene.


Shows/hides any Grass Type Actors in the scene.

Instanced Static Meshes

Shows/hides any instanced Static Meshes in the scene.

Large Vertices

Shows/hides larger-than-usual vertices on any selected Brushes or Static Meshes.

Level Coloration

Color codes the scene such that each streamed level gets another color. Irrelevant if not using level streaming.

Light Influences

Shows orange lines which point out what lights are influencing selected objects.

Light Radius

Shows/hides light radius shapes.

LOD Parenting

Use LOD parenting, MinDrawDistance, etc. If disabled, will show LOD parenting lines.

Mesh Edges

This overlays the mesh wireframe on top of the view.

Mode Widgets

Shows/hides the transform widgets, such as the Move tool.

Paper 2D Sprites

Shows/hides the radius of any Paper 2D Sprite Actors in the scene.

Precomputed Visibility

Shows/hides the radius of any Precomputed Visibility volumes in the scene.

Render (3D) Text

Whether or not to render any Text Actors or Components that may be in the scene.


Shows/hides the result of the Selection Highlight.

Separate Translucency

This shows/hides any objects that are making use of Separate Translucency in their Materials.

Shadow Frustums

Shows/hides a selection of color-coded boxes which represent the shadow frustums used to cast shadows from each light.


Shows/hides any Spline Actors that exist in the level.

Streaming Bounds

Shows/hides spherical radii for each streaming level.

Temporal AA (instead FXAA)

Activates/deactivates Temporal Anti-aliasing. When unchecked, the viewport shows fast approximation anti-aliasing (FXAA).


Shows/hides the result of tessellation in Materials.

Vertex Colors

Shows/hides any vertex colors applied to meshes in the scene.


Shows/hides any volumes in the scene. (Alt-O)





Show All

Shows all types of volumes in the scene.

Hide All

Hides all types of volumes in the scene.


Shows/hides Audio Volumes.


Shows/hides Blocking Volumes.

Camera Blocking Volume

Shows/hides Camera Blocking Volumes.

Cull Distance

Shows/hides Cull Distance Volumes.

Hierarchical LOD Volume

Shows/hides Hierarchical LOD Volumes.

Kill Z Volume

Shows/hides Kill Z Volumes.

Level Streaming

Shows/hides Level Streaming Volumes.

Lightmass Character Indirect Detail

Shows/hides Lightmass Character Indirect Detail Volumes.

Lightmass Importance

Shows/hides Lightmass Importance Volumes.

NavMesh Bounds

Shows/hides NavMesh Bounds Volumes.

Nav Modifier

Shows/hides Nav Modifier Volumes.

Pain Causing

Shows/hides Pain Causing Volumes.


Shows/hides Physics Volumes.

Post Process

Shows/hides Post Process Volumes.

Precomputed Visibility Override

Shows/hides Precomputed Visibility Override Volumes.

Precomputed Visibility

Shows/hides Precomputed Visibility Volumes.

Procedural Foliage Blocking Volume

Shows/hides Procedural Foliage Blocking Volumes.

Procedural Foliage Volume

Shows/hides Procedural Foliage Volumes.


Shows/hides Trigger Volumes.





Show All

Sets all Layers in the scene to be visible.

Hide All

Hides all Layers in the scene.

Layer Names

This will populate with the names of any Layers you have created in your scene, so that you may show/hide each one individually.


Billboard sprites are generally in-editor icons used for placement of various object types. In this case, they do not refer to sprite particles.

Billboard Sprites



Show All

Shows all types of billboard sprites.

Hide All

Hides all types of billboard sprites.


Shows/hides Character billboard sprites.


Shows/hides Decal billboard sprites.


Shows/hides Effects billboard sprites, which represent the location of Emitter Actors.


Shows/hides Fog Actor billboard sprites.


Shows/hides FTest billboard sprites.


Shows/hides Info billboard sprites.


Shows/hides Light Actor billboard sprites.


Shows/hides Materials billboard sprites.


Shows/hides Matinee billboard sprites.


Shows/hides miscellaneous billboard sprites which do not fall into the other categories.


Shows/hides Navigation billboard sprites.


Shows/hides Notes billboard sprites.


Shows/hides Physics billboard sprites.

Player Start

Shows/hides Player Start billboard sprites.


Shows/hides Sky billboard sprites.


Shows/hides Sounds billboard sprites.

Target Points

Shows/hides Target Points billboard sprites.


Shows/hides Triggers billboard sprites.


Shows/hides Wind billboard sprites.

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