Viewport Options

Explanations of the various options available within the editor viewports.



The Viewport Options menu is accessed by clicking the button_ViewportOptions.png button located in the upper-left corner of the viewport and provides basic rendering settings for the viewport.


Options Reference



Viewport Options


Toggles realtime rendering of the viewport.

Show Stats

Toggles the ability to display statistics in the viewport. Enabling this also enables Realtime.

Show FPS

Toggles the display of frames per second (FPX) information in the viewport. Enabling this also enables Realtime.

Field of View

Allows you to change the FOV of the viewport camera. This effectively zooms the lens of the camera in and out.

Far View Plane

Allows you to choose the distance to use as your far view plane. Setting this to zero acts as an infinite far view plane.

Toggles Cinematic Preview

Toggles the ability to preview Matinee cinematics in the viewport.

Game View

Toggles Game View which displays the scene as it appears in-game, i.e. Actor icons are not rendered, etc.

Immersive Mode

Toggles Immersive mode for the viewport. When in Immersive mode, the viewport occupies the entire area of the Unreal Editor window.


Provides the ability to set camera locations and rotations as bookmarks, and provides access to jump to existing bookmarks. To create a bookmark, press Ctrl + any of the numbers 1-0 along the top of your keyboard. To recall a bookmark, simply press the number you chose for that bookmark.

Create Camera Here

Creates a Camera Actor at the current location and rotation of the viewport.

High Resolution Screenshot...

Opens the High Resolution Screenshot window.HighResScreenshotDialog.png


Allows you to choose between a variety of different layouts for your viewport.

Advanced Settings...

Opens the Editor Preferences window to the Viewports section to access more advanced Viewport settings.

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