Replicating Variables

Guide for Replicating Variables in Multiplayer Games.

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Just as Actors and Functions can be replicated over the network, so can Variables. Variables that are important to gameplay should only be modified on the Network Authority (Server) and then replicated to Remote Machines (Clients) on a need-to-know basis. You do not want to allow Clients to define when variables can be changed, as this could lead to cheating (setting Health, Ammo, or Experience values for example).

You can set a variable to Replicated which means the variable produces a one-to-one copy of the variable that is replicated from the Server to Clients. Or you can use the RepNotify which does everything that Replicated does, but also provides a Function that is called that executes on both the Server and Client machines whenever the variable it is attached to updates.

Implementation Guides

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